What I do when I'm not making Top Five lists.

I’m Moving. Again. Kinda.

I am starting anew. Due to some unavoidable blog maneuvering all I have to stop updating this particular blog. The domain (www.adrianmartinez.tumblr.com), however, will stay the same. For those of you who follow me on Tumblr, this means you need to find me again and and click FOLLOW. Anyone who gets my RSS feed may need to update it after the move. Everything will look and operate the same. And this current blog will be under the new domain, www.adrnmrtnz.tumblr.com.


Take that Blomgren! The most lopsided defeat in the history of the Challenge!

Thankful for my family. Thats my mom smiling for the camera.

My daily punch in the gut. Thanks Good.

Animal Collective - Fall Be Kind EP

Top to bottom amazing.

Small Black - Small Black EP

Sounds like a Beach House / Animal Collective collaboration. One of the best EP’s I have heard all year. Brooklyn does it again.

1. I think Anderson Cooper had to use the restroom.
2. My highest score ever (I only missed 3).
3. It was GAME 1 for the week of November 22.
4. I DAREĀ Blomgren and Cara to try and beat this.

Matt Butcher and Jill Andrews - Giving My Sadness a Name

A beautiful duet. Makes me want to record an album in a train car. Jill could sing divorce papers and make them sound beautiful.

Dear Justin Blomgren,



Adrian Martinez
(CNN Challenge Master)

Best Coast - When I’m With You

The only thing I bought yesterday. Sounds like a band Phil Spector would be behind if he were born in 1983.

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